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On a very classic Two Nerdy Black Guys, Kaz & Djm just have a chit-chat. Work, life, traveling.

Kaz is back from TwitchCon and gives his review, good and bad. Djm heels TwitchCon and its attendees.

David is a bit cranky from working a great number of hours from his dayjob, but asks Kaz for advice on spending all this money from working so much on traveling.

All this and a little more of Djm being mean-spirited and hate-filled.

PRODUCTION NOTE FROM DJM: There was a derp-out on my part with the audio. A little bit over an hour in, I start getting reverby and echoey. My bad. One-time mistake. Won’t happen again. Thanks for your support.


This episode, were are joined by Andy Koerner, Da Ladybug Man! You can check out all of Andy’s work, including the outstanding Third Seat By The Window Podcast at his Bugblog!

This episode, we talk about what’s happening this fall season, and one of us has totally written the season off entirely.’

Plus, hot takes on Phoenix Wright, and the Ghost in the Shell teaser trailer featuring Scarlett Johannsen. What will noted GiTS fan and ScarJo stan David Majors have to say?

All this, and Jack has something to say to ArcSys games regarding the controversy surrounding the English Dub of BlazBlue. And another director saying anime is dead or whatever.

Check out Andy’s BugBlog and his podcastery at

Follow Andy on Twitter @DaLadyBugMan

David & Brandon answer the Bat-signal!

Kaz has been catching up with the first 2 seasons of Gotham on netflix (because 2NBG does not endorse Hulu) and Djm just watched the premiere of the 3rd season, terrestrial-style.

Crunchyroll & Funimation are partnering together to bring you anime, anime, anime. For the greater good.
Introducing the Anime Tourism Association, led by legendary director Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Pokemon Anime, with Ash’s New Design is so bad that…
Pokemon Generations. New Pokemon Anime, free of Ash Ketchum’s Loserdom

Psycho-Pass Vita “Graphical Adventure

  • Djm Attends Midoricon
  • Binge-watching Berserk

As 91 Days continues to stay strong and get some love on Crunchyroll as a Critic’s Pick, Taboo Tattoo hits it’s next few episodes and takes a direction all its own. How is the Midwest Crew taking these two anime as they enter their 4th triumvirate?

On the newest APOSS, we get word from Jack’s audition for the upcoming Osumatsu-san stage play. Plus, Djm gets to get hype about the still-very-much-a-thing Battle Angel Alita adaptation under the watchful eye of director James Cameron.

Later, Djm brings back a favorite from It’s In Season of 2015, God-Eater. The show was notable for having to stop temporarily during its run last fall, but finishing in the spring. Was it worth the wait? And how did Jack feel about the God-Eater Vita game?

Also, are we reaching a point to where consumers don’t get upset when directors halt production?

On this episode, Djm has run out of shit. For a podcast that is mostly freeform, when you find yourself to be not that interesting, it can be a challenge, but to Kaz’s credit, he manages to pull a conversation out of him.

The 2NBG discuss the divide between the mainstream media and internet content creation. Djm reminds him that most of us have no chance at “the dream”. Kaz offers an alternative position and says that it is for “the love of the game”.

All this, and absolutely no Batman talk. But there is some convention talk, and talk about why conventions in the Midwest HAVE to be interesting in comparison to others.

On this episode, it would appear as though Richard and Cody are finally seeing the light on Touko from Taboo Tattoo, and it’s not just because she turned out of the way!

The tonal shift into Fanservice City is still a problem, though.

Also, 91 Days is still great all around. Are we seeing a shift in personalities between Avilio and Brother Nero? The Orco family is making a big move. What will happen?

Quite a few hot topics this week, and David & Jack dive right in. Doesn’t Jack sound great?  THANK YOU PATRONS!

Final Fantasy XV got delayed by 2 months, and people are generally okay with it. Sausage Party has some question to answer, because people aren’t happy with it.

All this, and an explosion of disconent towards the vaunted Pokemon anime. Ash Ketchum’s finish in the Kalos League did not meet people’s expectations. David & Jack talk about why people were upset, and cover all sides of the debate of what always stops the anime from giving Ash his big moment after nearly 20 years.


Final Fantasy XV delayed 2 months. Not a lot of people are actually that upset.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans season 2, time skip, new characters, October 2nd.
Sausage Party allgedly forced animators to work for free, refused to credit artists
Ash Ketchum lost a Pokemon League final, and the Internet is PISSED!

On this episode, Brandon is back from Otakon 2016, the final Otakon to be held in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Kaz gives us the rundown of this year’s convention, the dreaded summer heat and his photography adventures.

Later, Djm celebrates as Kaz is completely caught up on the Batman franchise, and we find out what the biggest Batfan thought of the much-discussed Suicide Squad, as well as the animated adaptation of “The Killing Joke”.

And it wouldn’t be an episode of Two Nerdy Black Guys without a Djm existential crisis. Tune in!