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NOTE FROM DJM: We skipped Fall 2016.  However, we did not miss Yuri On Ice. Hot taeks on boys that skate start off the show.

Welcome to It’s In Season!

It’s an anime podcast. It’s a seasonal anime podcast. You know how so many shows about anime run through about every anime for each season for a few seconds and moves on? Well, not this one! Wee debate and discuss a number of shows, and wittle it down to two that we’ll watch and follow through the entire season.

Join Djm, Cody, and Shay as we deliberate each of our three picks. Which two anime will we talk about this season?

Because occasionally, Delta Juliet Mike Media does like to do things traditional style, here is the Two Nerdy Black Guys 2016 lookback episode!

Djm & Kaz look back at the year that was, including their favorite things, their activities, and their lives over this most-discussed year of years.

We’re not exactly sure how much content Kaz actually assumed, and Djm isn’t sure how he’s still alive, but they managed to amass enough favorites for talk about TV, video games, and movies. And a revelation from kaz that may shock some of you.

See? Traditional show notes, complete with a tease. Best to all of you in 2017, and thank you for listening.


This episode, Kaz & Djm speak about their respective lives as broke millennials, and why it’s necessary for someone to keep their dayjob longer than the others who are going after their dreams.

Plus, David has plenty of inspiriation and material. It’s just a matter of finding the time. Things are being adjusted.

Later, David attempts to convince Kaz to use technology for its purpose in this day and age—finding trendy local places to eat.

Greetings, salutations, hello everyone and welcome to the Anime Podcast of Some Sort.

Your hosts David ‘D.j.m.’ Majors & Count Jack Noire. You’re probably listening to this and you’re going to hear something you’re probably not used to hearing—yes.

This will be a snark-free anime podcast. Full of positivity, optimism, and occasional jokes about Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is back, begrudgingly making one final film and using CG.

Also, Djm is a big fan of Ghost in the Shell. He’s seen the teasers and trailer—and he doesn’t hate it. Jack helps Deej through these strange feelings.

Later, Jack gives us an update on Skullgirls, a game that he enjoys, other people enjoy, and we both think you should check out.

All this, and a bunch of arrests, and shows involving arrests, cops and robbers.

Japanese Police Arrested 51-year-old Man for Uploading Anime Music illegally for 10 Years

Like most fictional cops, Miyazaki is always one film away from retirement

News for the council of twelve: some interesting goodies for Skullgirls players (And Jack admits he likey)

The Two Nerdy Black Guys get caught up and chit-chat.

Djm has guested on a few shows recently, and kingkaz is still humming along with DKG. Kaz is intrigued by Doctor Strange, and the Deej gives his take.

A relatively chill 2NBG with absolutely no election talk whatsoever. Because we love you.

On the newest APOSS, Jack is on extra-spoopy Halloween assignment, and David is joined by THE Otaku Journalist, Lauren Orsini!

David & Lauren cover the latest news on Makoto Shinkai’s “Your name” and Funimation’s shot at Oscar qualification. Not to mention the film’s YUUUGE numbers in Japan.
Plus, the final take on Serena kissing Ash in Pokemon XY&Z, and a great victory for shippers everywhere.

David covers Jack’s talk about video games and instead of the PS Vita, he brings up, what else, TEKKEN!

Later, David & Lauren debate Keijo, fanservice, and Gundam, because there’s never enough discussion about Gundam. On THAT we agree.

Check out Lauren Orsini – The Otaku Journalist
@laureninspace on Twitter

Oh, yes. It’s time.

The fall anime that everyone is talking about, one way or another, Keijo!!!!!! Jack & Djm give their hot take.

Plus, Jack shares a bunch of October scary games.

In actual anime news, Funimation screws up with Escaflowne, but does good by Godzilla.

And the beginning of Youmacon Hype for Djm…

On a very classic Two Nerdy Black Guys, Kaz & Djm just have a chit-chat. Work, life, traveling.

Kaz is back from TwitchCon and gives his review, good and bad. Djm heels TwitchCon and its attendees.

David is a bit cranky from working a great number of hours from his dayjob, but asks Kaz for advice on spending all this money from working so much on traveling.

All this and a little more of Djm being mean-spirited and hate-filled.

PRODUCTION NOTE FROM DJM: There was a derp-out on my part with the audio. A little bit over an hour in, I start getting reverby and echoey. My bad. One-time mistake. Won’t happen again. Thanks for your support.


This episode, were are joined by Andy Koerner, Da Ladybug Man! You can check out all of Andy’s work, including the outstanding Third Seat By The Window Podcast at his Bugblog!

This episode, we talk about what’s happening this fall season, and one of us has totally written the season off entirely.’

Plus, hot takes on Phoenix Wright, and the Ghost in the Shell teaser trailer featuring Scarlett Johannsen. What will noted GiTS fan and ScarJo stan David Majors have to say?

All this, and Jack has something to say to ArcSys games regarding the controversy surrounding the English Dub of BlazBlue. And another director saying anime is dead or whatever.

Check out Andy’s BugBlog and his podcastery at

Follow Andy on Twitter @DaLadyBugMan

David & Brandon answer the Bat-signal!

Kaz has been catching up with the first 2 seasons of Gotham on netflix (because 2NBG does not endorse Hulu) and Djm just watched the premiere of the 3rd season, terrestrial-style.