Anime Podcast of Some Sort: Witness Ghost in the Shell—Mediocre!

April 6, 2017

Yeah. This is the episode where Djm talks about seeing Ghost in the Shell. Prepare your cyberbrains.

The spring anime season is kicking into gear and it looks….good! Yes! Anime may not be a mistake this time around! Djm & Jack talk about the anichart Spring 2017 list, and a few of the obvious heavy hitters.

Attack on Titan IS back and it ain’t no April Fool. Along with My Hero Academia & Gundam Thunderbolt, there just might be some cartoons to watch. Huzzah!  All this, and Djm having a #bucketlist moment!

PS: This is your periodic reminder that Suicide Squad isn’t good. Tune in. Thanks for listening.

TouHou: Genso Wanderer
TouHou: Double Focus
Michigan Masters 2017
Osaka man arrested for throwing dozens of cockroaches around at anime music event.

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