It’s In Season: Scum’s Wish/Chaos;Child Act 2 (with Ailments)

February 24, 2017

Welcome to the sickest anime podcast of the winter season! Literally and figuratively!  Yes, the winter has been rough on It’s In Season, all 3 hosts facing some sort of bug.

A mostly recovered Cody & Shay, along with a still-not-very-recovered-at-all David jump back into Scum’s Wish and Chaos;Child and bring you up to speed on everything in both shows so far.

For Scum’s Wish, Shay provides some great insight into the dynamic between Akane & Hanabi, and Cody offers his own perspective in relation to Ecchain.

Chaos;Child invites comparisons to ERASED between 2/3 of the Midwest Crew. David does the best he can to muster a few words, fighting an upper respiratory infection.

All this, and Shay reminds us all about the most powerful weapon in the world.

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