Anime Podcast of Some Sort: Dragon Maids And Their Double D’s

February 4, 2017

Funimation has turned the clock back to the early 2000s to when everyone hated them for their dubbing decisions, thanks to the simuldub of Miss Kobyashi’s Dragon Maid.

Jack has discovered Non Non Biyori, inexplicably getting some buzz. What even is this show?

Also, Crunchyroll is going to the movies!

All this, and just why Sword Art Online is so polarizing, in the wake of the announcement of a 3rd season.

More anime gaming news: Azure Striker Gunvolt? From 3DS to small screen.

Sword Art Online, Season 3 is reportedly on the way. Such a polarizing anime. What’s up with that?

Crunchyroll Presenting “Anime Movie Night”, bring anime to theaters near you.

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