Anime Podcast of Some Sort: Ghost In The Shell, and Other Things To Be Positive About

November 16, 2016

Greetings, salutations, hello everyone and welcome to the Anime Podcast of Some Sort.

Your hosts David ‘D.j.m.’ Majors & Count Jack Noire. You’re probably listening to this and you’re going to hear something you’re probably not used to hearing—yes.

This will be a snark-free anime podcast. Full of positivity, optimism, and occasional jokes about Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is back, begrudgingly making one final film and using CG.

Also, Djm is a big fan of Ghost in the Shell. He’s seen the teasers and trailer—and he doesn’t hate it. Jack helps Deej through these strange feelings.

Later, Jack gives us an update on Skullgirls, a game that he enjoys, other people enjoy, and we both think you should check out.

All this, and a bunch of arrests, and shows involving arrests, cops and robbers.

Japanese Police Arrested 51-year-old Man for Uploading Anime Music illegally for 10 Years

Like most fictional cops, Miyazaki is always one film away from retirement

News for the council of twelve: some interesting goodies for Skullgirls players (And Jack admits he likey)

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