Anime Podcast of Some Sort: Otaku Journalist Lauren Orsini reminds us “That’s okay!”

November 2, 2016

On the newest APOSS, Jack is on extra-spoopy Halloween assignment, and David is joined by THE Otaku Journalist, Lauren Orsini!

David & Lauren cover the latest news on Makoto Shinkai’s “Your name” and Funimation’s shot at Oscar qualification. Not to mention the film’s YUUUGE numbers in Japan.
Plus, the final take on Serena kissing Ash in Pokemon XY&Z, and a great victory for shippers everywhere.

David covers Jack’s talk about video games and instead of the PS Vita, he brings up, what else, TEKKEN!

Later, David & Lauren debate Keijo, fanservice, and Gundam, because there’s never enough discussion about Gundam. On THAT we agree.

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