Anime Podcast of Some Sort: JoJo’s Bizarre Ascension

October 9, 2016

PRODUCTION NOTE FROM DJM: There was a derp-out on my part with the audio. A little bit over an hour in, I start getting reverby and echoey. My bad. One-time mistake. Won’t happen again. Thanks for your support.


This episode, were are joined by Andy Koerner, Da Ladybug Man! You can check out all of Andy’s work, including the outstanding Third Seat By The Window Podcast at his Bugblog!

This episode, we talk about what’s happening this fall season, and one of us has totally written the season off entirely.’

Plus, hot takes on Phoenix Wright, and the Ghost in the Shell teaser trailer featuring Scarlett Johannsen. What will noted GiTS fan and ScarJo stan David Majors have to say?

All this, and Jack has something to say to ArcSys games regarding the controversy surrounding the English Dub of BlazBlue. And another director saying anime is dead or whatever.

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