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July 18, 2016

Today on APOSS, Djm is joined by his brother-in-podcasting-arms, Colton Solem!
The gents talk about the biggest anime properties of them all to start off with and point out how the Silver Age is real and the quest to give the filthy casual a gateway into the wonderful anime world is ever stronger.
One Punch Man is coming to Toonami, Dragon Ball Super’s manga is easily accessible thanks to Viz (along with many others for free), and Bleach is finally ending. Colton tells us just how long some of his favorite shows have been a part of his life, while Djm struggles with coming to grips with old age. And yes, Virginia. Attack on Titan’s second season is coming.
Later in the podcast, we talk about Crunchyroll’s big announcements coming out Anime Expo. The former not-so-legit hub has gone all the way in with video distribution, with an all-star line-up of upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases. One show in particular, is Gintama, Colton’s pride and joy. The host of Life Lessons (the Gintama Manga Podcast) gives his take now that he has seen the top of the otaku mountain.
Attack on Titan Season 2 – It’s Real.
One Punch Man is on Toonami.
Bleach is ending. For real this time.
Crunchyroll entering the Blu-Ray and DVD Market, leading with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.
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