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April 25, 2016

This episode, Kaz fulfills the obligations set out by Patron, podcast guest, and extraordinary gentleman Patrick Kohn AKA TimeJumper319 on our 100th episode.
Brandon Cooper gives us his hot take on Batman V Superman. David Majors replies and rebuts and finally goes into depth as to why he is admittedly in the minority on the film, the DC Snyderverse and the current incarnation of Superman as portrayed by Henry Cavill.
Djm does his best to get an answer out of Kaz on all things Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League, while traversing the depths of Kaz’s comic book knowledge and all the twists and turns involved.
Later on the program, Kaz gives us some thoughts on the DC Animated movies that he has been watching, and reasons behind why he’s years behind….and why the bigger Batman fan of the 2NBG still has yet to watch a single episode of Gotham.
All this and discussion about which minor comic book movie characters could do well with their own film. Welcome to Comic Book Land!

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