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April 13, 2016

This week, Jack returns from assignment and has brought another game for the PS Vita, Trillion. How does “Action Jackson” fare against a boss that has ONE TRILLION HP? Also, our hot take theater allows Jack to give his thoughts on the brand new Ace Attorney anime. Is it a Turnabout Success, or will Judge Jack sentence the show to hard time?
Plus, we discuss Japan finally doing something with its copyright law.
All this and Jack & Djm discuss the arrival of everyone’s new favorite English teacher, Ellen Baker. Is she ripe for eroge, or is she too pure for this world? We discuss what the Internet should do…
Netflix picks up live-action death note film
Japanese gov’t considering copyright law revision. Be ready everyone.
Ellen baker, the character from a children’s book that is an English teacher from boston living in Japan, taking on a life of its own. Will her memefication ruin us all?English teacher Ellen Baker on Twitter.

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