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April 8, 2016

A milestone in podcasting. 100 episodes.
The two nerdy black guys have been shooting the shit with one another and a few others for long enough to officially produce and release 100 episodes.
On this occasion, we decided to invite a couple of guests on. One that has known us from the podcast’s inception, Swaggy P, Patrick Swagger. And we finally answer the question of why we never invited him on the podcast as a guest until now.
Also, on the show, a man that needs no introduction, Patrick Kohn best known as TimeJumper319. Djm personally invited him on to get an insight into his beliefs behind why he contributes to various creators through patreon. Who he picks, why he sees patreon as important as it is, and why the hell did he jump on the Delta Juliet Mike train.
All this, and after all of these years, David Majors and Brandon Cooper (Djm & kingkaz) have really not changed at all.
Thank you for listening, and enjoy.
If you want to be as gracious and as wonderful as Mr. Kohn & Swagger, check out
And follow them both on Twitter @TimeJumper319 and @TheSwagger

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