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The Anime Podcast that somehow survives winter illnesses and power outages rolls on!  Cody is out this week, unfortunately. Shay & Djm hold it down for episode’s 7 & 8 of Chaos;Child & Scum’s Wish.

A rather gruesome murder highlights the ongoing investigation of the New Generation Murders. Shay & Djm are re-invested.

Scum’s Wish gives us a new character, and concludes some character arcs, while staying as relatable as ever for both hosts.

Watch along with us.

Djm is contemplating a number of things. The biggest of all, a career change.

No this does not involve trying to make podcasting a full-time thing. The 2NBGs discuss if we were sold a bill of lies about following your dreams, and if taking a chance on a fantasy is worth it.

Whether it’s photography or journalism, or anything, is it all a big lie?

Jack & Djm have recovered from their respective cross-continent illness and are back in your ears!

We’re joined by The Subtle Doctor, host of Warui Deshou, to talk about Gunbuster possibly having a future, and why Dragon Maid is still inexcusable.

Sad news from Japan—the RX 78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam statue is being taken down, but all hope is not lost! We need a rave party in Tokyo!

Later, a manga “expert” dives into the numbers of successful genres of manga and why women read what they choose to read. Jack calls shenanigans on the whole thing.

Djm & Subs (Mr. The, if you’re nasty) pontificate over what the hell Steve Aoki was thinking with that Ghost in the Shell song remix, and just how far does David’s pretentious sci-fi love take him.

All this, and the Nintendo Switch. There was no cartridge licking.

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Wave Motion Cannon

Welcome to the sickest anime podcast of the winter season! Literally and figuratively!  Yes, the winter has been rough on It’s In Season, all 3 hosts facing some sort of bug.

A mostly recovered Cody & Shay, along with a still-not-very-recovered-at-all David jump back into Scum’s Wish and Chaos;Child and bring you up to speed on everything in both shows so far.

For Scum’s Wish, Shay provides some great insight into the dynamic between Akane & Hanabi, and Cody offers his own perspective in relation to Ecchain.

Chaos;Child invites comparisons to ERASED between 2/3 of the Midwest Crew. David does the best he can to muster a few words, fighting an upper respiratory infection.

All this, and Shay reminds us all about the most powerful weapon in the world.

Jack handles hosting duties, and Djm has himself a cough drop on the newest APOSS.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has some redeeming qualities, Jack discovers. After consuming quite a bit of alcohol.

David’s love of Tiger Mask W is as legit as the pro wrestling it portrays. The anime fandom and wrestling fandom convergence is further confirmed.

All this, and and a pre-Its-In-Season take on Scum’s Wish!

Get Jack to draw you some stuff!

Kaz went to see Hidden Figures at the movies. Yes, an actual Oscar bait film. No, it’s not Bizarro World. Low-key arthouse snob Djm is impressed. Neither of the 2NBG were impressed by Kaz overhearing old white people in the theater during the movie.

Plus, we have a guest! YouTube movie buff Sword Song joins Two Nerdy Black Guys to talk about horror, pregnancy, and the horrors of pregnancy.

All this, and an alternative option on what to do about stalkers, courtesy of David Majors.

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Funimation has turned the clock back to the early 2000s to when everyone hated them for their dubbing decisions, thanks to the simuldub of Miss Kobyashi’s Dragon Maid.

Jack has discovered Non Non Biyori, inexplicably getting some buzz. What even is this show?

Also, Crunchyroll is going to the movies!

All this, and just why Sword Art Online is so polarizing, in the wake of the announcement of a 3rd season.

More anime gaming news: Azure Striker Gunvolt? From 3DS to small screen.

Sword Art Online, Season 3 is reportedly on the way. Such a polarizing anime. What’s up with that?

Crunchyroll Presenting “Anime Movie Night”, bring anime to theaters near you.

Scum’s Wish & Chaos;Child seem to be a couple of the most talked about anime this season, and It’s In Season is no different.

What do Shay, Djm and Cody think of the romantic anime that Djm described as “a Bizarro School Rumble”? The relationships emerge, and we give our thoughts.

Later, Chaos;Child. Djm is a big fan of all of the Science Adventure shows, Shay and Cody have knowledge as well. How does Team It’s In Season feel about this incredibly dense mystery and its start?

And so! Here it is!

Kingkaz’s full-on review of the sci-fi flick Arrival! Plus, another recommendation from the other Nerdy Black Guy—-Into The Badlands.

David loves this AMC show and wants everyone to check it out before it’s canceled. So, please do.

Oh, yeah. And David talks about his weekend in Washington DC during Inauguration Day and being on the streets during the ensuing protests.

Welcome back to the Anime Podcast of Some Sort.

Jack & Djm are back from their respective holiday breaks, and right on time, as news breaks!

Amazon has an anime subscription service, except it’s only available for users on Amazon Prime. Ooof.

Jack attended Sac Anime Winter, and gives insight into attending an anime con in January that isn’t freezing cold, and how capitalizing on a meme can make for great cosplay.

All this, and Jack and Djm give their full unfiltered thoughts on the mega-popular Yuri On Ice. David binge-watched it after swearing off anime for the Fall 2016. It was inescapable.

What did they think? This episode of APOSS was born to make history, so tune in.