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Both Djm & Kaz have been traveling, but now they’re back on the podcast. Kaz talks about Las Vegas, Djm goes to Roanoke Virginia.

Also, Sonic Mania. This should be a no-brainer, right?


Jack and David actually watched cartoons from Japan (and Castlevania). And not it’s totally not because Josh “80 Percent Anime” is joining us. We actually did watch and enjoy some of what we saw. Whether it is anime or not, well, we’ll leave that for arguments on Twitter.

Hot Anime Taeks

There is excitement across the board for the Fall 2017 Anime Season. yes, even from David. Yep.  It’s In Season is coming back, baby!
There are number of shows that we’re all looking forward to this season. Send Djm & Jack a tweet and let us know your hype levels for fall.

Conversations About Japanimation

How the ramifications of Sony Pictures TV acquiring Funimation affect anime fandom and distribution, and its potential ripple effects in the streaming space. Later,, the streaming service that acquired One Punch Man & Dragon Ball Super first, is closing down October 31st. Josh gives us the why and the how.

The News

Actual Big Story: Funimation acquired by Sony Pictures Television.

Osomatsu-San acquired by Viz Media off the season 2 announcement

Another Big Story: to cease operations on October 31

Do The Business

Check out Wave Motion Cannon, with Josh Dunham & Friends!

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Welcome back!

The 2NBG reconvene after an unexpected hiatus on the part of Djm, of which he takes full responsibility.

The lowest of lows and the highest of highs, and a lot in between happened since Djm & Kaz last podcasted together, and you’ll hear all about it this week.

In the time we’ve been a way, Djm has taken on a food subscription service–Home Chef. Get his thoughts and Kaz’s unfiltered thoughts on the growing world of esports, this week on 2NBG.

A break. A hiatus. A temporary sabbatical. A reprieve.

Welcome to the Anime Podcast of Some Sort. Welcome back to some of you. David, Djm & Jack D are back after David’s no-longer-calling-it-retirement from podcasting.

We talk about how we each spent our time away from the mics, including conventions, actual anime, and what games we both discovered.

Jack took an old recommendation from Djm and ran with it and has an update, and the Deej has the convention story of convention stories.

Later, Jack reminsices about the significance of the Sailor Moon DIC Dub. Yes, that one. Ask your friends in their 30s, if you don’t know.

The APOSSE is back in business. It’s a conversation about Japanimation.

On this episode, Djm talks about two very different things he’s trying to address his health issues, and addressing his own image issues.

Kaz does his best to talk him through it, while talking himself through laziness.

Both of our series for Winter 2017 have reached their conclusion.

Did Chaos;Child tie all its loose ends and give us the culprit of the murders? How did the It’s In Season crew feel about Takuru’s delusions and Chaos;Child in comparison to the rest of the Science;Adventure anime?

Did Scum’s Wish finish as strong as it started and continued? What are the fates of Mugi, Hanabe, and everyone’s favorite new slut, Akane?

Tune in.

Yeah. This is the episode where Djm talks about seeing Ghost in the Shell. Prepare your cyberbrains.

The spring anime season is kicking into gear and it looks….good! Yes! Anime may not be a mistake this time around! Djm & Jack talk about the anichart Spring 2017 list, and a few of the obvious heavy hitters.

Attack on Titan IS back and it ain’t no April Fool. Along with My Hero Academia & Gundam Thunderbolt, there just might be some cartoons to watch. Huzzah!  All this, and Djm having a #bucketlist moment!

PS: This is your periodic reminder that Suicide Squad isn’t good. Tune in. Thanks for listening.

TouHou: Genso Wanderer
TouHou: Double Focus
Michigan Masters 2017
Osaka man arrested for throwing dozens of cockroaches around at anime music event.

The Anime Podcast that somehow survives winter illnesses and power outages rolls on!  Cody is out this week, unfortunately. Shay & Djm hold it down for episode’s 7 & 8 of Chaos;Child & Scum’s Wish.

A rather gruesome murder highlights the ongoing investigation of the New Generation Murders. Shay & Djm are re-invested.

Scum’s Wish gives us a new character, and concludes some character arcs, while staying as relatable as ever for both hosts.

Watch along with us.

Djm is contemplating a number of things. The biggest of all, a career change.

No this does not involve trying to make podcasting a full-time thing. The 2NBGs discuss if we were sold a bill of lies about following your dreams, and if taking a chance on a fantasy is worth it.

Whether it’s photography or journalism, or anything, is it all a big lie?

Jack & Djm have recovered from their respective cross-continent illness and are back in your ears!

We’re joined by The Subtle Doctor, host of Warui Deshou, to talk about Gunbuster possibly having a future, and why Dragon Maid is still inexcusable.

Sad news from Japan—the RX 78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam statue is being taken down, but all hope is not lost! We need a rave party in Tokyo!

Later, a manga “expert” dives into the numbers of successful genres of manga and why women read what they choose to read. Jack calls shenanigans on the whole thing.

Djm & Subs (Mr. The, if you’re nasty) pontificate over what the hell Steve Aoki was thinking with that Ghost in the Shell song remix, and just how far does David’s pretentious sci-fi love take him.

All this, and the Nintendo Switch. There was no cartridge licking.

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