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Quite a few hot topics this week, and David & Jack dive right in. Doesn’t Jack sound great?  THANK YOU PATRONS!

Final Fantasy XV got delayed by 2 months, and people are generally okay with it. Sausage Party has some question to answer, because people aren’t happy with it.

All this, and an explosion of disconent towards the vaunted Pokemon anime. Ash Ketchum’s finish in the Kalos League did not meet people’s expectations. David & Jack talk about why people were upset, and cover all sides of the debate of what always stops the anime from giving Ash his big moment after nearly 20 years.


Final Fantasy XV delayed 2 months. Not a lot of people are actually that upset.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans season 2, time skip, new characters, October 2nd.
Sausage Party allgedly forced animators to work for free, refused to credit artists
Ash Ketchum lost a Pokemon League final, and the Internet is PISSED!

On this episode, Brandon is back from Otakon 2016, the final Otakon to be held in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Kaz gives us the rundown of this year’s convention, the dreaded summer heat and his photography adventures.

Later, Djm celebrates as Kaz is completely caught up on the Batman franchise, and we find out what the biggest Batfan thought of the much-discussed Suicide Squad, as well as the animated adaptation of “The Killing Joke”.

And it wouldn’t be an episode of Two Nerdy Black Guys without a Djm existential crisis. Tune in!

This episode, David is joined by Enthusiastic Anime Social Media Maven, Marc Huber. Cody and Richard are both on assignment, so Djm calls in the former host of the Mega Anime Ultra Show to talk 91 Days and Taboo Tattoo.
Marc is following along with these two shows along with the dozens of other anime that he’s watching. What does he think of the mafia homage 91 Days? Would he be willing to recommend Taboo Tattoo?
And just what is Izzy’s deal, man?
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And so, summer 2016 is under way!
The Midwest Crew have picked their two, 91 Days and Taboo Tattoo.
Djm talks about the mafia anime and raves over it, particularly one character. Taboo Tatoo shouldn’t work. On paper, it shouldn’t work. Does it?
Well, you gotta listen and find out! We’re not gonna give you everything in the Show Notes!

Big thanks to Shay, the Anime Reviewer Girl, for joining us on this episode as a guest!
Shay joins the A-posse to talk about all sorts of anime things under the sun!
Jack has discovered Steins;Gate via visual novel, while Shay & Djm make comparisons with the anime, and how much we all love saying the main character’s name with his mannerisms. There’s a 90s nostalgia grip, thanks to Sega & Nintendo, and old man Djm is nearly in tears thanks to his ol’ blue buddy, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Later, Jack gives his take one One Piece being 65 percent complete…which leads to Shay triggering Djm’s rage.
All this and a couple of updates on some shows we’ve talked about being a little TOO quiet, but are apparently beginning to open up. You’re welcome, shounen fans. APOSS <3 you.

UPDATE: Is the Dragon Ball Super dub happening? You can thank APOSS for bringing it up. We love you.
Jojo is heading to Toonami. You can thank APOSS for the prediction. We love you.
Sega announces Sonic Mania and “Project Sonic 2017” to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Djm is euphoric.
Nintendo releasing an NES mini-console with over 30 games. No, you cannot play your Nintendo cartridges on them.
Eiichiro Oda says One Piece is 65 percent complete. Calculate the time it will take to finish and see if you will still be alive.
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The Two Nerdy Black Guys won’t shy away from it.
Pokemon Go! Everyone’s playing it, everyone’s talking about it. The social aspect, the technology aspect, the nostalgia and everything in between.
On top of catching them all and walking around to do so, both Djm and Kaz are trying to find ways to get it all in while still working and living lives like actual people. Djm’s commute and Kaz’s shift, in the never-ending balancing act of adulating.
All this, products that we talk about that are totally not ads that sound like trips to the mall.

Today on APOSS, Djm is joined by his brother-in-podcasting-arms, Colton Solem!
The gents talk about the biggest anime properties of them all to start off with and point out how the Silver Age is real and the quest to give the filthy casual a gateway into the wonderful anime world is ever stronger.
One Punch Man is coming to Toonami, Dragon Ball Super’s manga is easily accessible thanks to Viz (along with many others for free), and Bleach is finally ending. Colton tells us just how long some of his favorite shows have been a part of his life, while Djm struggles with coming to grips with old age. And yes, Virginia. Attack on Titan’s second season is coming.
Later in the podcast, we talk about Crunchyroll’s big announcements coming out Anime Expo. The former not-so-legit hub has gone all the way in with video distribution, with an all-star line-up of upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases. One show in particular, is Gintama, Colton’s pride and joy. The host of Life Lessons (the Gintama Manga Podcast) gives his take now that he has seen the top of the otaku mountain.
Attack on Titan Season 2 – It’s Real.
One Punch Man is on Toonami.
Bleach is ending. For real this time.
Crunchyroll entering the Blu-Ray and DVD Market, leading with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.
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Welcome to Summer 2016. Can David FINALLY get one of his picks in?
For those of you just tuning in, at the beginning of each anime season, the Midwest Crew (David, Richard and Cody) pluck 3 series of their own and bring them all to the table, and the discussion is narrowed down to two to review for the season. For Spring, Cody got the Double Flawless Victory.
Now that summer is here, the boys are back to talk anime and see which will be reviewed for this season! Enjoy.

Spring 2016 hid the tracks rolling towards the end. So much so, that Comcast, as well as Cody’s summer camp unfortunately caused him to bow out for our Spring 2016 wrap-up.
Djm & Ness are taking it back to 2009 and doing a podcast Super No Vacancy style. What did they think of the first 12 episodes of Re:Zero? You just might be surprised. No, seriously.
And where do the original good brothers and on The Lost Village. You REALLY won’t see this one coming. Tune in, download, search & Subscribe. <3
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On this episode, kingkaz & Djm give their hot takes on E3.
Plus, we take a tip into comic book land….and a follow-up on a long-running gimmick of Two Nerdy Black Guys Lore!
All this, and Djm’s panic over eventually getting Overwatch.